1GAW Week 1: Diver

Alright, here’s the first game of my #1GAM project: Diver!

dive screenshot

I didn’t actually announce this one since I just kinda spontaneously decided to do it, but I at least wanted to do a quick wrap-up post about it. As you can see it’s full of placeholders and rather ugly, but I did throw this one together in just one evening, so…yeah. Once I spend an entire week on a game I’ll at least have more interesting placeholders going.

Anyway, as the name implies this is a game about diving, made for mobile and browsers. You (the purple square) have to dive to collect goldfish (the orange squares) and dodge sharks (the gray squares). If you tap and hold the screen you dive down, if you let go you’ll automatically float back to the surface. When you reach the surface, you sell the goldfish you caught and get money. If you catch multiple fish in one go you’ll get a combo multiplier bonus. The goal of the game is to get a high score (i.e. the highest amount of money).

There’s a few bells and whistles too: You have an air meter that you need to watch out for and a shop where you can exchange money for upgrades. You can upgrade your air tanks, buy a magnet that attracts goldfish in a certain area and a shield that gives you an extra hit against sharks (usually it’s game over after one hit). Upgrading your air tanks is recommended in the long run, as you’ll be able to build higher combos and diver deeper into the water, where more valuable fish live. And maybe there’s even treasure to find if you dive deep enough…? (Yes, there is.)

I’ve received some positive feedback on the game, so I’m considering releasing it. Sorry about the lack of video or animated gifs, I just wanted to quickly get out a post before I start the next project tomorrow.

Feel free to follow my progress on Twitter where I’ll announce new projects and post my progress on a daily basis!