Magnet Monday #14 – Play the Alpha!

Let’s skip the preamble and get right to the point: If you have a Windows PC and a minute to kill, you can download an alpha build of Magnet Man Adventures right now by clicking the button below!
Magnet Man Adventures Alpha 1

Yes, I felt it was finally time to just throw the game out there and get some feedback. It’s still an early build and not as polished as I’d like it to be but the main game mechanics are all implemented and all game-breaking bugs have (hopefully) been eliminated, so what the heck! Download it, share it, play it and let me know what you think.

Now for the weekly update. My new Todo-system seems to work quite well, as I keep having to restock my weekly pile during the week. Most of the tasks this week involved fixing bugs or creating levels for the alpha build, but I’ve also created a few sprites (keys and doors now look like keys and doors, for example) and new gimmicks, including a new type of timed switch. Oh, and Magnet Man now has a little victory animation!

alpha screenshot


Overall the game is progressing nicely and I look forward to receiving feedback from you guys. I feel like it’s time to step on the gas a bit so I’ve reactivated the game’s IndieDB page and will cross-post these updates there starting next week. I’m also considering making an entry on GameJolt to get a bit more reach going.

Next week I will probably start moving on to creating a few more levels and creating/overhauling the other game worlds. Up next is Ice World, and I already have a few ideas on how to make that one interesting…stay tuned!