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Learn Japanese…like a Ninja! KanaRunner teaches you all the Japanese Hiragana in a fun and addicting way. If textbooks are too dry, give KanaRunner a try! Or else I’ll keep rhyming.



Your space ship is being overrun by blobs! Slip into the non-too-comfortable space suit of Spaceman Steve and take care of the menace.

However, since Steve is only equipped with a magnet gun that doesn’t harm enemies, you’ll have to get creative…

Shoot the metal box with your magnet gun to attract it and squash enemies. If you get multiple enemies in a row you get a combo bonus. Don’t get squashed yourself!

Boxtermination was my entry for the first ever Kongregate game jam. The theme was “Attraction”. It was created over 3 days using HaxeFlixel.

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Your space station has been overrun by space bugs and out-of-control space bots! You’d totally be up to the challenge of kicking them out, but…well, you spent a bit too much money on Monolith Burgers so you could only afford an old, second-hand space suit that’s so clunky, you can’t jump in it. But luckily you’re in space where gravity is a fickle thing, prone to change at the flick of a wrist!
GraviFlip was my entry for Ludum Dare 31 where it ended up in the Top 10% and even snuck it’s way into the Top 100 in the graphics category. This is an improved version that tries to fix all the issues found in the original release as well as adds new features.


  • Game Boy inspired visuals and sound
  • Gravity flipping mechanic allows for quick and intense gameplay
  • Oldschool arcade action with a matching level of challenge
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • High Scores and Achievements

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