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Posted October 10, 2017

Welcome to the new Ohsat.com! It’s leaner, meaner and also more pink.

I’ve not really touched (let alone updated) my website in quite a while. One reason is that I’ve created a hub for my current game [Speer] over on itch.io, so all updates etc. were posted there. But the main reason is that my old site was a bloated mass of Wordpress cobbled together with plugins and hacks that was just a chore to maintain and use. Of course it probably would have been smart to cross-post, but…yeah. I could rarely force myself to do it.

So to remedy that I decided to create a completely new website, this time using the amazing static site generator Hugo. I’ve also trimmed some fat design-wise to get a more streamlined site that doesn’t contain stuff nobody really needs. And while I was on it, I decided to slightly change my logo and color scheme a bit (I’d call it “rebranding” but then I’d need to slap myself) just for kicks.

Finally, I now have a blog section that (hopefully) isn’t crap. I’ve had quite a few ideas for blogs these past few weeks and I’m glad to finally have a clean space where I can turn them into posts for you to read. I will move some of my old posts over to this new site but that migration might take a while.

Anyway, enjoy the new site, I certainly will!

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