Just Beat: The Last Tinker

Posted October 30, 2017

Today I beat The Last Tinker on PC and…it was alright.

Motivated by the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey I felt like playing a colorful 3D platformer and since I had this game kicking around in my GOG collection for quite a while now I decided to finally boot it up.

Only to realize, like anyone else, that this is not a 3D platformer despite absolutely looking like one. Instead it’s more of a Parkour-adventure with combat, I suppose…and for what it is, it’s really not bad.

The world is colorful and the game’s overall style is quite pleasing to the eye. The story and writing aren’t spectacular but charming, even though the resolution made me think of a Futurama X-mas. The gameplay was rather simple, as navigation is done by holding down the right trigger and just moving the analog stick; Your character will then automatically jump, swing and climb through the stages so you mainly have to worry about where to go instead of how to get there. The only thing you really have to do yourself is the combat, which is a bit Arkham-esque but nothing to write home about.

Overall the game is a decent little timewaster with a charming world, pleasing graphics and simple but entertaining gameplay. There are certainly worse ways to kill about 8 hours.

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