Make a Space Shooter for the Mega Drive!

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It’s time for another SGDK tutorial series! After doing a single player Pong game and an endless runner, it’s time to reach for the stars… and make a space shooter!


Apart from things like scrolling and animating sprites, this new series will show you how to deal with multiple entities and their collisions, how to randomly generate backgrounds and more! This project builds upon the previous tutorials, so if you’re new to SGDK programming and have not done those yet, I highly recommend starting with Megapong.

And if you want to get even more out of my tutorials, supporting me on Patreon will get you cool perks! Just $1 a month will give you access to all source files for each step. And higher tiers will give you peeks behind the scenes, early access and more!

I hope you enjoy this new series! Happy coding and be excellent to each other!

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