I'm Making a Pogo Platformer!

Posted March 15, 2020

If you’ve been following my Twitter or Patreon, you might have noticed that I’m working on a new indie game! And if you haven’t followed either, then: Hey, I’m working on a new indie game.

Here it is:


Alright, now we’re all on the same page.

As you can see, the game will be what I call a pogo-platformer… and that’s almost everything I know about it myself. This is not a project that I’ve been planning out in detail for months. I was just coding around for fun since I needed a creative outlet and then the whole thing just sort of happened. I can’t tell you much more about it right now, other than that I do have some ideas of where I want this to go.

But if I don’t have much to share, why am I making this post? Well, mainly to answer one big question I’ve been getting since I started posting about this game:

Why not make this a Mega Drive game?

I guess it makes sense to ask this, since I kind of became the Mega Drive tutorial guy. Also, I suspect that some of my followers didn’t even know that I made a couple of indie games before I started the whole SGDK thing. So…why aren’t I making this a Mega Drive title?

This can be explained with the two banes of humanity: Time and money. Making the game for modern platforms using modern frameworks lets me create the game a lot faster than doing it for the Mega Drive, and I don’t exactly have any time to spare in my current situation (MA thesis, Mega Drive tutorials, teaching classes at Uni, translation work…) And while I’m creating games because I love doing it, I unfortunately do have to think about making money, and the Mega Drive’s market share isn’t quite what it used to be 30 years ago. Simply put, making this a Mega Drive title would make no sense in my current financial situation. Which is not to say that I will not eventually port it to the Mega Drive or anything like that. I would love doing that, in fact. It’s just not a realistic proposition right now.

There is also the fact that I love coding in Haxe. It’s probably my favorite programming language and HaxeFlixel is just a bucket of fun. It’s nice to get away from having to deal with pointers.

So there we go, I hope I answered that question for everyone wondering. I also hope that you like what you see! If you want to support the game, the best way is to join my Patreon. This will give you exclusive peeks behind the scenes, developer notes and other stuff. I might also try to add some more perks for people who don’t really care about my Mega Drive tutorials.

If you can’t or don’t want to do the whole Patreon thing, then you can help me out immensely by just following the game and letting other people know about it! I’m really excited about this project and I hope that players will enjoy bouncing around as much as I do.

I’ll share more updates as I have them, so stay tuned and be excellent to each other!

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