Shino-kun Has a Logo!

Posted June 11, 2018

Things are starting to take off for our friend Shino-kun! I’ve created a logo for the game which you can enjoy in its full splendor right here:


Let me tell you, giving your game a long name is fun until you have to make a logo for it.

But more importantly: I’ve set up a page on which will be the main hub for blog posts and announcements. If you’re interested in the game at all I would ask you to head on over to the page and add the game to your collection; that way you will automatically receive notifications whenever I post something! You would also be doing me a huge favor, if that’s your thing.

For smaller updates and looks behind the scenes, make sure to follow me on Twitter @ohsat_games and sign up for my newsletter below!

I’ll be kicking things into high gear soon, so stay tuned!

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