Status Update 2019 #1

Time for another update! I know not a lot has visibly changed since my last update but believe me when I say that behind the scenes things have been happening almost constantly. So let me share some of them with you!

Attraction Force

My upcoming game Attraction Force is progressing very nicely and should be ready for release in a month or so. Once again I’ve spent more time on it than I had originally intended, but I wanted to make it the best it could be. Plus, I’ve written a lot of the code in such a way that I could easily reuse it for later games, meaning that in a way I’ve also been working on my personal programming library. Make sure to add the game to your collection!

After Attraction Force is out, I’ll go back to working on Chibi Ninja Shino-kun: Treasure of Demon Tower]. The break has actually done me a lot of good, because while working on AF I’ve come up with a lot of cool new ideas for Shino-kun that I can’t wait to implement! And if everything goes well, this might be my first game with a release beyond Itch…we’ll see!

Mega Drive

But what about my Mega Drive work? I admit that I have not actively worked on a lot of it since I put out Megapong, but I have actively worked on plans for it. They’re not 100% finished, but here are a few rough ideas: Once Attraction Force is out, I will invest more time in writing a new series of tutorials. I have actually already started writing them, but a new version of SGDK just came out, so I want to check if I need to update them. I also have a bigger, related project in mind, but I don’t really want to talk about it now since it would just be speculation, even on my part. It might be related to a Patreon though.

Private Things

I’ve handed in the first of 3 papers I need to get my Master’s degree, so that’s one huge check on my todo list. I will start the next one soon and it should take less time than the first one, as I’ve pretty much set up all the Pandoc, LaTeX, BibLaTeX and CSL stuff I need. It’s no fun writing a paper if you don’t have to debug it. I guess.

The degree is still my number 1 priority for this year (it’s about time, damnit) but there will be lots of gamedev stuff. I especially want to focus more on Mega Drive things, as that is where my heart keeps dragging me…


Attraction Force is done soon, will work on Shino-kun afterwards, Mega Drive tutorials on the new SGDK version are coming soon!

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