Grab your speer (which is cooler than a regular spear) and puzzle-platform your way through 125 stages! Throw it into walls to create a platform, flick switches with it, or imbue it with different powers to get past lasers, portals and much more!


The original [Speer] was an itchio exclusive, and my first successful game. Now, years later, it's finally coming to Steam! I've used the occasion to improve the game in several different areas. I've polished the gameplay and platforming, fixed some bugs, spruced up the graphics, improved controller support, added 20 levels and added a checkpoint- and a slow-motion feature to make the game more accessible and less frustrating. And, as many players have requested, there is now also a speedrun mode that tracks how long it takes you to beat the game, along with the individual times for each stage! Like the original [Speer], this game was coded with the HaxeFlixel framework.


  • Turn your speer into a platform to climb walls!
  • 125 stages filled with puzzles and platforming
  • Place checkpoints anywhere in the level and reload instantly
  • Stuck on a level? Skip it and come back later!
  • Optional slow motion feature to help with tricky platforming sections
  • Speedrun mode: Beat the game as fast as you can!





About Ohsat Games

A solo indiedev bringing back the 90s with the kind of games I'd have loved as a kid.
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