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If you’ve worked with spritesheets at any point you might have worked with tools like TexturePacker or Shoebox, which can make creating and managing spritesheets a lot easier. I’ve actually not used them until now, but since I’m experimenting with a new framework (MonoGame) I thought I might as well give them a try!

However, while TexturePacker has built-in MonoGame support you can only access it in the paid version. Shoebox is completely free, but doesn’t offer support for MonoGame out of the box…but luckily you can modify the output parameters to enable that support! Simply open the Sprite Sheet settings menu and copy in the following two lines:

File Format Loop

\t<Item><Key>@ID</Key><Value>@x @y @w @h</Value></Item>\n

File Format Outer

<XnaContent>\n\t<Asset Type="System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[System.String, Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Rectangle]">\n@loop\t</Asset>\n</XnaContent>

Now Shoebox will generate MonoGame-compliant .xml whenever you generate a spritesheet! I hope this helps someone out there and if it does, show me what you used it for!

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