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The latest tutorial is Playing Multiple Music Tracks.

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HaxeFlixel Tutorials

HaxeFlixel is an amazing framework that not enough people have heard about. It's been my framework of choice for a couple of games now, so I thought I'd make some tutorials to help out other HaxeFlixel devs, and maybe even get some more people interested!

[ HF01 ] Breakout (Complete)

New to HaxeFlixel? Then start here and learn how to make a Breakout clone! There's bricks, a paddle, you get to smash stuff...it's a good time!

  • HF Breakout 1 - Anatomy of a Project
  • HF Breakout 2 - Balls and Walls
  • HF Breakout 3 - Hitting Bricks
  • HF Breakout 4 - Paddles
  • HF Breakout 5 - Score!
  • HF Breakout 6 - Game Over
  • Mega Drive Tutorials

    As a kid, I've always wanted to make my own Sega Mega Drive game. And when I found the Sega Genesis Development Kit, I was finally able to fulfill my dream! What I didn't find, however, were tutorials for it.

    So I decided to make my own, to help other people fulfill their childhood dream!

    I'm basically just sharing what I figure out, so I'm anything but a pro. But I wanted to help keep the console of my childhood alive, so here we are!

    The project tutorials are meant to be completed in order, as they build on one other. So, if you're new to SGDK, start with Megapong!

    I also highly recommend some basic knowledge of C before starting!

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