HaxeFlixel Tutorials

HaxeFlixel is an amazing framework that not enough people have heard about. It's been my framework of choice for a couple of games now, so I thought I'd make some tutorials to help out other HaxeFlixel devs, and maybe even get some more people interested!

HaxeFlixel Tutorials

A variety of one-off tutorials!
  • Pixel-Perfect 2D Water Shader
  • Mega Drive Tutorials

    Here you'll find various Mega Drive coding tutorials that will show you how to get started creating Mega Drive games using SGDK, the Sega Genesis Development Kit. I noticed that there weren't really any up-to-date beginner tutorials around, so I made some!

    The project tutorials are meant to be completed in order, as they build on one other. So, if you're new to SGDK, start with Megapong!

    I recommend some basic knowledge of C before starting.

    MD-4: Megatiler

    Create a top-down tile-based Mega Drive game!
  • Megatiler 1 - Tiles