Sometimes I have excellent thoughts, and then I write them down. Sometimes I have regular thoughts, and I write those down too. Sometimes they're at least funny.

Here, you'll also find updates on whatever game I'm currently working on. Check 'em out to see cool stuff, but also to sometimes see me fail most heinously! Gamedev is hard.

I have a Steam Developer page!

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Can’t have enough sites I need to keep updated, huh?

The Quest for Next Fest

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The quest for Fest will test the best.

Chibi Ninja Shino Kun Released

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The ninja has leapt out of the shadows and onto digital store shelves!

Go! Go! PogoGirl Now Available on Consoles!

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Go pogo on your platform of choice!

Pogogirl Hits Consoles Soon!

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10 days left!

Chibi Ninja Devlog #3

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Let’s look at Demon Tower!

About the SGDK Tutorials

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They’re on hiatus.

Steam Autumn Sale 2022

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Time to save money and play games!

About That Twitter Thing...

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Twitter is falling apart, or maybe it isn’t. Anyway, here’s my plan for the future.

The Gamedev Guide to Getting Started with Mastodon

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It’s not as bad as you think!