HaxeFlixel Tutorials!

Posted November 23, 2020

If you’ve popped over to the tutorial section recently you might have noticed that I’ve added my very first HaxeFlixel tutorial! It shows how to implement a simple, pixel-perfect 2D water shader which I used for Go! Go! PogoGirl.

But a few of you might be wondering what a HaxeFlixel is. Well, it’s a 2D game framework that is as powerful as it is underrated! It runs on the (also underrated) Haxe language, is extremely well documented, open source, and has built-in functions for almost anything you’d need. I’ve tried a couple of other engines and frameworks including Unity, Phaser, Godot, and Game Maker, but I keep coming back to HaxeFlixel. It’s the framework that powers [Speer], Attraction Force, Go! Go! PogoGirl and most likely my next games as well! I just love it. And since I love it, and it’s still somewhat unknown, I decided to create some tutorials for it! Many of these will revolve around how I achieved certain things in my games, but I’m also open for other topics.

If you have never heard of HaxeFlixel I’d highly recommend checking it out. And if you have any tutorial requests, let me know in the comments below!

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