Jump on your pogo stick and bounce, bounce, bounce! Go! Go! PogoGirl is a dynamic, cute and wholesome platformer about a girl and her pogo stick. Bounce your way through the world, collect gems and then bounce some more!


Having grown up with 90’s platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog, Castle of Illusion, Rocket Knight Adventures and others, it was only natural that I’d create a love-letter to the games that defined my childhood. And that loveletter is Go! Go! PogoGirl! I’ve tried to capture what made these games so special, from the colorful graphics, to the fluid gameplay, up to small details like idle animations. I also added a sound test and actual push-button cheats to complete the experience. Now we just need a physical magazine to tell players what they are…

The game was developed solo by me, with Peter Mullins providing the amazing soundtrack (link below) and Robert Keder whipping up some amazing key artwork. The game was coded in Haxe and is powered by the HaxeFlixel framework. As it is a labor of love done alongside several real life jobs, it took longer to finish than it should have. But now it’s done, and I hope you enjoy it!

Some Praise

The game offers exactly what it promises and nothing more: a colorful, valuable and exciting return to the nineties, with a 2D platformer that unaltered the dynamics of the time, adding that touch of Hoppin' Mad (a C64 classic) that absolutely adds to the experience. -The Games Machine

Go! Go! PogoGirl is a straight-up platformer with a bouncy twist. Its well-balanced difficulty, boss fights, and many collectibles provide a fun time full of action and replayability. -Pure Nintendo

This game is not kidding around when it says it is a loveletter to 90’s platformers!?! […] The level design is absolutely top-notch, with a nice mix of both finesse and puzzle solving needed to get through the game…especially if you’re gonna go scouring for all of the hidden gems! -Pursuing Pixels

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Latest Updates

PogoGirl Devlog #31: PogoGirl is Bouncing to Consoles!

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A small bounce for PogoGirl, a giant leap for me!

PogoGirl Devlog #30: The Game Is Released!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

A mad scramble to the finish line.

PogoGirl Devlog #29: Scrap Brain

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

A mad scramble to the finish line.

PogoGirl Devlog #28: Release Date!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

The Day of Pogo is imminent!

PogoGirl Devlog #27: Ice to Pogo You!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Bounce away the cold!

PogoGirl Devlog #26: Shwing!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

It’s like the swinging 60s in here!

PogoGirl Devlog #25: Rotating Platforms

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Spin those platforms right round, baby!

PogoGirl Devlog #24: SAGE 2021 Happened

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It’s been a while since the last devlog, hasn’t it? Well, no time like the present to get back into it!

PogoGirl Devlog #23: The Steam Page is Live!

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The Steam store page for Go! Go! PogoGirl is now live!

PogoGirl Devlog #22: Graphics Overhaul

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In the previous two devlogs I’ve talked about the changes I’ve implemented in Go! Go! PogoGirl based on player feedback. And now there’s another one…a big one. I’ve already mentioned how the positive player reaction to the demo has motivated me to take this game further than I had originally intended. And now I can tell you what I meant by that: Go! Go! PogoGirl is coming to Steam! Yes, shocker, a PC game is coming to Steam.

PogoGirl Devlog #21: Demo Updated!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

A new version of the Go! Go! PogoGirl demo has now been uploaded! I originally didn’t intend to update the demo, but I have changed a few major mechanics in the game that made the old version a bit too outdated for my liking. Changelog You can now twirl (almost) anytime. You can now stomp (almost) anytime. Stomping at the very peak of your jump will result in a super stomp.

PogoGirl Devlog #20: After Demo: Air Charges and Super Stomps

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The Go! Go! PogoGirl demo has been out for over a week now, and I want to thank each and every one of you who has given it a shot. I really appreciate it!

PogoGirl Devlog #19: Demo Time!

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The latest Go! Go! PogoGirl demo has arrived! Check it out!

PogoGirl Devlog #18: A New Move + Demo Date

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We all know that PogoGirl’s got the moves, and now she’s got a brand new one! And you’ll get to try it out very soon…

PogoGirl Devlog #17: New Demo Incoming!

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I’ve been working hard on Go! Go! PogoGirl, and I think it’s time you all get to play it! Well, at least a bit of it. That’s why I’m releasing a new demo!

PogoGirl Devlog #16: Winds of Fall

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Seasons change, even in Go! Go! PogoGirl. I’ve already shown you spring and summer, so let’s take a look at fall next! Fall is where things cool down after a hot summer, where the leaves turn that nice brown color and cover the ground. Things become a bit gloomy, but in a good way. I’ve tried to recreate this in Go! Go! PogoGirl. The red sky adds a sense of twilight, while also signaling that you’ve entered the second half of the game, where things are about to get serious.

PogoGirl Devlog #15: The Platform Rundown

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A platformer game needs some platforms, so let’s look at some of the platforms you’ll encounter in Go! Go! PogoGirl! First up, we have the Countdown Platforms. These can be bounced on a total of three times; on the third bounce they drop out of the stage. They change color with each bounce, so you’ll know when to get away. Since they’re pretty stable, you can both stomp on them and charge up a high jump!

PogoGirl Devlog #14: How I Build Levels

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Last time I mentioned that I was doing levels for Go! Go! PogoGirl and that I changed my Tiled setup to make the process easier. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve now made all levels in the game! While I do enjoy making levels quite a lot, it’s a very tricky thing to get right. Good level design is an art. And while I don’t consider myself an artist in that regard (or any other regard, actually), I thought I’d share my process of building the levels for Go!

PogoGirl Devlog #13: The Tools of Pogo

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A game has many facets, and developing a game is like climbing a range of different mountains simultaneously. I’ve worked on several different things in the past few weeks—water effects, powerups, HUD elements—but there is one major aspect of the game that I haven’t touched in quite a while. Levels. Yeah, sometimes you get caught up in all the coding and designing and pixel arting that you forget about other major parts of the game.

PogoGirl Devlog #12: Power Up!

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Powerups are a staple of video gaming, and platformers had some of the best around. Sonic’s elemental shields, Mario’s mushroom, Kid Chameleon’s transforming helmets…there’s a lot of good stuff in there. It seemed obvious to put powerups into Go! Go! PogoGirl as well, but for a long time, I wasn’t quite sure what to put in. Powerups need to enhance and support the gameplay; you can’t just throw in anything you want.

PogoGirl Devlog #11: HUD and Stuff

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Gamedev includes a lot of fun activities, such as messing with physics, making lasers go pew and making stuff explode. However, there is also a lot of dry stuff that you have to take care of. And I’m taking care of that stuff right now, because…well, because I’ll have to eventually! First of all, I’ve modified the menus a bit. So far I’ve been using my own solution to create menus, and while it was a bit hacky, it worked pretty well.

PogoGirl Devlog #10: Gems and Goals

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

It’s been a while, but I’m back in style! After spending a few frantic weeks finishing my Master’s thesis, I’m back in the pogo-saddle. So, it’s time for an update!

PogoGirl Devlog #9: Making Enemies

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

After all the shader shenanigans I needed a break and decided to work on something less technical and more gameplay-related: Enemies!

PogoGirl Devlog #8: Shader Journey

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Last time I put water into the game. Now I made the water better!

PogoGirl Devlog #7: Pogo Splash & Swim

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Remember in the last post when I announced that each season would have its own unique stage gimmick? Well…here’s one!

PogoGirl Devlog #6: Springtime Is Here

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

If you’ve beaten the SAGE2020 demo of Go! Go! PogoGirl then you will already know a tidbit that I hadn’t really made public until then: Go! Go! PogoGirl will feature 4 seasons to play through! In this devlog I’d like to talk a little bit about the idea behind that and what you can expect. Seasons will basically act as worlds. This means that each season will have a set of completely unique levels, it’s not the same levels over and over with a different visual style.

PogoGirl Devlog #5: SAGE: Aftermath

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

SAGE has come and gone, and I’m still reeling from how quickly it all happened. I guess the only thing to do is to pick through the rubble and try to make sense of everything! First off, I knew from the beginning that Go! Go! PogoGirl wouldn’t set SAGE on fire. It’s the Sonic Amateur Games Expo after all, and people mainly want to play Sonic games. Hell, I used to mainly want to play Sonic games.

PogoGirl Devlog #4: Road to SAGE 2020

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On September 5th 2020 the virtual doors of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo will open for the 20th time, and Go! Go! PogoGirl will be a part of it! If you haven’t heard yet, I will publish a public demo of the game for everyone to try out. Naturally this is very exciting for me (and I hope for you too) but naturally, this also means work. A lot of work.

PogoGirl Devlog #3: Shiny Shiny Gems

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Collectibles are as much a part of platformers as actual platforms. Whether it’s Sonic’s rings, Mario’s coins or Banjo’s notes, it seems like platformer worlds don’t have littering laws because these things are everywhere. And that’s good, because it’s really fun to collect them and sometimes they even help you out. Extra life, anyone? So of course Go! Go! PogoGirl will also have collectibles. After some thinking I settled on gems, because…I dunno, they look pretty and sparkly and coins are pretty overdone.

PogoGirl Devlog #2: Bouncing Science

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When you have a player character that should always bounce, a couple of obvious questions present themselves: How should they bounce? How high should they bounce? How quickly should they bounce? Questions like that form the basis of the entire gameplay concept, so it’s very important to tackle them as early as possible…even if you’ll often end up tackling them a few more times before the game ships. Here are the answers I’ve worked out for now.

PogoGirl Devlog #1: Introducing PogoGirl!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

Welcome to the first post of my new Go! Go! PogoGirl devlog! Here I’ll post long-form updates on the development of Go! Go! PogoGirl, sharing my experiences, crying about the bugs I encounter, and more. Developing a game is a journey, and it’s more fun when you can drag people along with you. Stay away from the radio though; I pick the music. Okay, so let’s start off by explaining what Go!